Reshaping business processes for continuous business improvement

Oracle JD Edwards

The ERP that supports Digital Transformation


Oracle JD Edwards Enterprise One is the historic ERP proposed by GN Techonomy to accompany the operational change and evolution of Customers. JD Edwards enterpriseone, available both On Premise and In Cloud, is a complete and integrated ERP suite, consisting of over 80 modules. These are designed to support the business processes of the manufacturing, trade and service sectors.

EIM: Electronic Invoice Management

The entry into force of the legislation (D.Lgs. 127/2015, D.L. 193/2016, Bill Budget 2018) has made it mandatory for all companies to have an electronic billing system.

GN has developed a solution compatible with the ERP system JD Edwards enterpriseone called GN EIM (Electronic Invoice Management) for the management of active and passive invoices.

GN AutoPackage

For automatic package release
GN Techonomy has developed GN autopackage, the Robotics Process Automation solution that automates the process of releasing changes and/or updates to the Oracle JD Edwards ERP

Oracle NetSuite

The ERP Cloud ad hoc for SMEs


Modern and flexible, the Oracle netsuite ERP is the world’s leading Cloud enterprise software. A resource that allows you to manage the business in all its aspects with simplicity, without problems and also reducing costs.

Oracle Fusion Applications

Cloud ERP for big business


Oracle Fusion Applications Cloud ERP is a set of enterprise apps based entirely on open standards that represent a new benchmark for businesses. Automate procurement and inventory processes on a single cloud platform with in-depth reports for all your operations. They also improve project management capacity and reduce operating costs.

Complementary solutions

GN Mobile One

The Android App for Warehouse
GN Mobile One is a mobile application by GN Techonomy designed for Smart Warehouse Management - intelligent warehouse management - based on the Android operating system. It is compatible with the latest generation devices and can be integrated with any ERP and is, therefore, the perfect solution to improve the performance of warehouse processes and save time and money.

GN Advanced Traceability Technologies

The solution can be integrated with the company ERP that offers complete product traceability within the production, packaging and logistics process.

GN Order Management System

The Order Entry App
GN Order Management System is the application for the management of the sales process.
Taking advantage of the innovative features of the latest generation of mobile devices (Apple iPad and Android Tablet) the App created by GN Techonomy allows you to simplify the process of order acquisition by mobile sales agents.

GN Manufacturing Execution System

For the manufacturing industry
To better plan production processes, it is necessary to operate a statistical control that involves a timely collection of vast types of data and a thorough knowledge of business assets. The GN Manufacturing Execution System solution is the Web App created by GN Techonomy for a streamlined and efficient management of business production.

GN Pick to Light

IIoT at the service of picking
GN Pick to Light is the solution designed to optimize the picking activity inside the warehouse. It is an electronic system to support the operator in the picking/manual storage of items.

[GN Techonomy] GN Customer Portal [EN]

To manage the relationship with customers
GN Customer Portal facilitates collaboration with its customers, optimizing accounting, logistics and delivery management. It is a web application, natively integrated with the company ERP, which makes all business functions reliable and improves the sales processes of B2B companies.

GN Supplier Portal

To manage relations with suppliers
GN Supplier Portal is an interactive web platform, integrated with ERP, for the management of the relationships between the company and its suppliers, aimed at improving communication and management efficiency. The portal was created to allow companies to establish strongly integrated relationships with suppliers, aimed at creating an efficient and flexible supply chain.