GN Manufacturing Execution System

The application for the manufacturing sector

To better plan production processes, it is necessary to operate a statistical control that involves a timely collection of vast types of data and a thorough knowledge of business assets.

Digital transformation offers numerous opportunities for companies to increase the efficiency of their processes and enable vertical integration of information. In this perspective, it becomes increasingly important to monitor the different stages of production to understand how to optimize each of them, even in economic terms. In particular, in situations where the control of production processes is central, the efficient management of the execution of work orders and their correct and immediate insertion into the system are fundamental aspects.

The GN Manufacturing Execution System solution is the Web App created by GN Techonomy for a streamlined and efficient management of business production. In this way, operators are supported in their daily activities by a simple, intuitive and complete technological tool. GN MES in fact, thanks to its ability to establish a bridge between the decision-making and the operational environment, allows a smooth and easy management of operations concerning the production processes of the company.

The application consists of two different interfaces:

  • WEB: through the different sections in the Menu, production control operators are able to observe the information, constantly updated, of all the resources present within the production departments and to monitor processes in real-time.
  • MOBILE: allows operators to enter, through special terminals, the operations carried out within the production and warehouse departments, with the possibility of setting a vast number of executable actions in order to meet the needs of any manufacturing company.

The high complexity of certain production processes requires, in fact, solutions that are increasingly performing, customized and able to respond to heterogeneous requests from the industry.

With GN Manufacturing Execution System, the company has the opportunity to exploit the potential of a software dedicated to the production environment and natively integrated with the company’s ERP system.

The company will thus have a perfect alignment between the information observed by the control staff and the situation in real-time within the production departments.


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