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GN Supplier Portal

To manage relations with suppliers

GN Supplier Portal is an interactive web platform, integrated with ERP, for the management of the relationships between the company and its suppliers, aimed at improving communication and management efficiency.

The portal was created to allow companies to establish strongly integrated relationships with suppliers, aimed at creating an efficient and flexible supply chain. Efficiency and flexibility are achieved through the introduction of a system to ensure the transparency and traceability of the information managed in the registration processes of new partners and subsequently in the different phases of collaboration.

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Corporate buyers thus have a structured process to qualify, evaluate, classify and manage their relationship with new suppliers. The latter will have a link and credentials to access the GN Supplier Portal, become accredited and enter the customer’s information systems and its lists of qualified partners. From the portal they come in fact managed the exchanges of relative documentation to the accreditation of the supplier - that it will compile a useful questionnaire to collect the key information for the appraisal - and to the certifications necessary for the correct development of the activities from a legal and contractual point of view. The suppliers are classified on the portal according to the type of purchase, selected by the user in the initial phase of registration. Depending on this type, the portal guides the supplier in filling in the required forms, to verify any minimum requirements, suitability and entitlement to provide certain products or services. Once approved and accredited, the partner will have a dashboard within the portal where you can view the status and monitor changes and progress of the various documents.

From the portal transit all the demands of purchase company created inside of the ERP. Once a buyer-approved RDA is entered, suppliers are able to accept or reject the order by pressing a button on the interface. Upon acceptance of the order by the supplier, the information becomes visible and available to both the buyer and the user who issued the RDA.

Users may also indicate the existence of a supplier’s non-compliance with certain data or orders placed. The report will be visible in the buyer’s dashboard, which will have the opportunity to evaluate the notice and eventually forward it to the supplier. In this case, the same report will also be visible within the dashboard of the latter.

Finally, through GN Supplier Portal it is possible to set a calculation algorithm on the activity of the previous year in order to evaluate its supplier base based on the number and the extent of the registered non-conformities.

In summary, GN Supplier Portal allows to:

  • to qualify, evaluate and accredit new and old suppliers;
  • organize, revise and update the personal data of its business partners, keeping the documents always compliant;
  • manage the assigned supply documentation;
  • manage the requests for offers;
  • manage purchase orders and non-conformities of its suppliers;
  • manage audits, complaints and reports.

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