Apparel textile & Fashion

Creation and marketing of garments and accessories, made from both natural and artificial textile materials.

GN Techonomy realizes integrated solutions for the optimization of the production and distribution processes of clothing products

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Chemicals, Pharma & Cosmetics

Sector that deals with the production of chemicals, drugs and cosmetics.

GN Techonomy helps companies in this sector to integrate and digitilize their production processes with software and iot solutions for order management and plant monitoring.

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Energy & Utilities

The Energy & Utilities sector includes companies working in the field of energy and electricity. These companies deal with the production, distribution and sale of electricity, gas and water

GN Techonomy helps energy companies innovate and efficiently manage their accounting and processes with Oracle Cloud technology and complementary GN solutions.

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Food & Beverage

Large set of industries that are involved in the production, processing and marketing of food products.

GN Techonomy offers enterprise solutions in the Cloud for accounting and financial management, production time and cost optimization, data collection and order management.

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Industrial Manufacturing

The sector refers to all activities concerning the production of physical goods through processes of transformation of raw materials.

GN Techonomy supports manufacturing customers by implementing Cloud and Internet of Things solutions, and following lean manufacturing guidelines

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The media sector includes media companies such as the press, television, radio and internet. These companies may be involved in creating, publishing, and distributing content to inform, entertain, or advertise.

GN Techonomy offers companies operating in the media sector enteprise solutions that allow them to know in detail the amount of costs and revenues related to their activities.


Professional Services, Finance & Insurance

Sector that includes all those commercial activities that aim to offer and/or make available financial, insurance and similar services.

GN Techonomy offers to Companies operating in Professional Services, Finance & Insurance, Solutions to monitor the Company’s operational and financial performance

Professional services_1

Real Estate

Real Estate refers to the real estate sector, which includes the management, sale and development of real estate.

GN Techonomy offers companies operating in Real Estate a suite of cloud solutions that, thanks to a scalable and flexible architecture, meet the needs of expanding companies.

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The retail sector includes the activities of direct sales of goods and services to final consumers, managing aspects such as marketing, inventory and purchasing experience.

For companies operating in the retail sector, GN Techonomy offers a centralized management of company data through the integration of ERP and the use of RFID technologies