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Apparel Textile & Fashion

Customized Innovation: Integrated solutions for the fashion world

GN Techonomy realizes integrated solutions for the optimization of the production and distribution processes of clothing products

The modular solutions of Oracle applications allow the management of products characterized by multiple distinctive elements such as models, colors and sizes. The apparel management module can be used not only in Apparel Textile but also in other sectors that produce and market multi-attribute goods

The main solutions for this field

JD Edwards: the ERP that support the Digital Transformation

Oracle JD Edwards Enterprise One is the historic ERP proposed by GN Techonomy to accompany the operational change and evolution of Customers.

GN Advanced Traceability Technologies

GN Advanced Traceability Technologies: the solution, integrable with the company ERP, that offers a complete product traceability within the production process, packaging and logistics.

Hybrid Integration: to enable data integration

The hybrid integration platform is a set of integration software (middleware) that allows users to develop, protect and govern the integration flows that connect different applications, systems, services and data stores, and enable the rapid...

GN e-commerce: revolutionizes sales

In both B2C and B2B world, companies can benefit from the digitalization of business processes and e-commerce. The online store offers a simple, smooth, engaging, highly personalized shopping experience with excellent quality of service.

CRM-MA: GN Customer Relationship Management

To manage customer relationships efficiently and to improve marketing and communication strategies, companies need an integrated customer relationship management (CRM) and marketing automation (MA) solution.

GN Blockchain: for product authentication

GN Techonomy offers information advice aimed at identifying and integrating events to be recorded in the Blockchain. In addition, it operates the governance of the Blockchain project in order to record that information and those transactions...