Enterprise Solutions for data management from the centre to the points of sale

From the warehouse to the shelf, up to the sale, throughout the life cycle of the product, GN Techonomy offers a management of company data from the center to the points of sale through the integration of the management ERP with the cases present in the distribution, also using RFID technologies for the detection of products for sale

The main solutions for this field

JD Edwards: the ERP that support the Digital Transformation

Oracle JD Edwards Enterprise One is the historic ERP proposed by GN Techonomy to accompany the operational change and evolution of Customers. 

Hybrid Integration: to enable data integration

The hybrid integration platform is a set of integration software (middleware) that allows users to develop, protect and govern the integration flows that connect different applications, systems, services and data stores, and enable the rapid...

GN Advanced Traceability Technologies

GN Advanced Traceability Technologies: the solution, integrable with the company ERP, that offers a complete product traceability within the production process, packaging and logistics.

GN Demand Forecasting: ML for sales forecast

Statistical and Machine Learning algorithms for sales forecast

GN e-commerce: revolutionizes sales

In B2C and B2B world, companies can benefit from the digitalization of business processes and e-commerce. The online store offers a simple, smooth, engaging, highly personalized shopping experience with excellent quality of service.

GN Customer Portal: to manage the relationship with customers

GN Customer Portal facilitates collaboration with its customers, optimizing accounting, logistics and delivery management. It is a web application, natively integrated with the company ERP, which makes all business functions reliable and improves...