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GN AutoPackage

The solution for automatic package release

Maximum performance

One of the main goals of digital transformation is to get the maximum yield from all business areas, reducing time, costs and risks.

As they say "power is nothing without control" and owning state-of-the-art infrastructure, systems and assets, but failing to manage them properly, risks turning potential growth opportunities into a risk factor for your business.

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GN Techonomy Orchestrator

To meet the needs of automation of business processes, GN Techonomy offers Orchestrator, the tool available with the upgrade to Oracle JD Edwards 9.2, which is a gateway between ERP and technologies that allow digital transformation.

Through these orchestrations it is in fact possible to automate those manual, redundant and time-consuming activities, which, if carried out by operators, are generally slower and subject to errors. Together with Orchestrator, GN Techonomy has developed GN autopackage, the Robotics Process Automation solution that automates the process of releasing ERP changes and/or updates. 
Specifically, the solution allows:

  • Make "assembly", "build" and "deploy" of "packages" automatically
  • Manage different types of scheduling depending on the need
  • Send detailed notifications on the outcome of scheduling with log and pdf summary of the released objects, so you can monitor everything from your smartphone

GN AutoPackage

With GN autopackage it is possible to avoid any temporary closures impacting on offices and logistics for the update of ERP packages and allow the smooth running of business activities - taking orders, invoice issues, shipment organization - because the process is carried out in complete autonomy at the most appropriate time.

The procedure can in fact be scheduled - even daily - at fixed times, automatically released and monitored even remotely through programmable notifications during the different execution phases: Assembly, Build, Deploy, Summary Report.

  • Assembly: Automatic package creation if there are objects, versions, or "omw" projects to release
  • Build: Automatic compilation of the client and server package
  • Deploy: Automatic package deployment on servers and clients


Since the company is no longer tied to manual operations, it is thus possible to improve the internal service level, increasing the frequency of release of "packages" and reducing the risk of errors and the TCO of the platform.

Request a demo to find out how to streamline and automate the release of packages with the GN autopackage solution and why many companies have already chosen the advice of GN Techonomy.