Business transformation

Companies are guided through processes of structural and cultural change, implementing innovative and technological solutions to maximize operational efficiency and stimulate sustainable growth. From redefining business strategies to digitizing key processes, we drive smart, focused business transformation to ensure the evolution and growth of our customer businesses

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GN Techonomy is Oracle’s historic partner: our suite of ERP solutions consists of netsuite, JD Edwards and Fusion Applications. From efficient resource management to consolidation of business processes, we work closely with our customers to optimize operations, improve visibility and drive informed decisions


Analytics & IoT

Analytics & iot are our strong point in driving companies into a smart future.

With expertise and innovation, we implement advanced IoT data analytics and connectivity solutions to deliver in-depth insights and turn data into strategic actions. From gathering real-time information to creating predictive models, we work with our customers to maximize data potential and create an intelligent, agile and future-oriented business environment

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We integrate systems, data and processes in a single operational synergy, allowing companies to overcome barriers between different platforms and applications. Our Integration expertise enables the flow of business operations, from data management to process automation, ensuring a continuous flow of vital information for business success.


Cloud (IaaS/PaaS)

Scalable and efficient infrastructure and agile platforms to enable rapid application development and deployment, allowing businesses to adapt quickly to changing market needs and enjoy information wherever and whenever.


Custom application development

From concept to realization, we work closely with the customer to create unique applications that reflect the vision and meet the specific needs of your business.

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R&D Projects

Innovation is the key to success: we explore new technological frontiers to ensure your business stays one step ahead of the competition.

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