Enterprise solutions for financial monitoring and customer retention

For companies operating in the media sector it is essential to know the amount of costs and revenues related to their media: print media, television and web. GN Techonomy offers enterprise solutions for the management and detection of economic events related to the information industry and for the ergoazione of new services aimed at building customer loyalty.

The main solutions for this field

JD Edwards: the ERP that support the Digital Transformation

Oracle JD Edwards Enterprise One is the historic ERP proposed by GN Techonomy to accompany the operational change and evolution of Customers.

GN Order Management System

GN Order Management System is the application for the management of the sales process.Taking advantage of the innovative features of the latest generation of mobile devices (Apple iPad and Android Tablet) the App created by GN Techonomy allows to...

CRM-MA: GN Customer Relationship Management

To manage customer relationships efficiently and to improve marketing and communication strategies, companies need an integrated customer relationship management (CRM) and marketing automation (MA) solution.

Hybrid Integration: to enable data integration

The hybrid integration platform is a set of integration software (middleware) that allows users to develop, protect and govern the integration flows that connect different applications, systems, services and data stores, and enable the rapid...

EIM: Electronic Invoice Management

GN has developed a solution compatible with the ERP system JD Edwards enterpriseone called GN EIM (Electronic Invoice Management) for the management of active and passive invoices