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We were born with the aim of bringing innovation to the business ecosystem by creating value for customers through a consultancy approach

Business expertise since 1995

GN Techonomy S.r.l. is a consulting company that, since 1995, offers technological and innovative enterprise solutions. Through the strategic use of Information Technology, we enable our customers to develop a lasting competitive advantage.

Thanks to the specialization and experience of GN Techonomy’s consultants in planning and building the architecture and corporate infrastructure, based on the latest Oracle and Software AG technologies, both large and expanding companies have a complete suite of solutions available, which allows them to always be competitive on the global market.


People are a decisive factor for success: GN Techonomy’s consultants, certified professionals, are driven every day to give their best thanks to a stimulating working environment.

GN Techonomy is present in Lombardy with two offices: the Headquarters is located in Milan, in Via Bisceglie 76, while the Technological Hub – the beating heart of innovation, the place where ideas are transformed into projects – is based in Calusco d’Adda in the province of Bergamo. People are a decisive factor for success: GN Techonomy’s consultants, certified professionals, are driven every day to give their best thanks to a stimulating working environment. Their high degree of specialization is constantly refined through personalized training courses based on new market demands and new technologies available, making our teams highly sought after. Indeed, our customers benefit from having a group of professionals who follow them from the beginning to the end (and beyond) of the project: a reference point which they can always rely on.

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Our vision
GN Techonomy was born in 1995 with the aim of bringing innovation in the related business ecosystem, thus creating value for clients. What sets us apart is a consultative approach aligned with technological innovation aimed at the digitization of corporate systems.
Our mission
The valorization of human resources, together with the important investments in the research and development of effective and innovative solutions, allows GN Techonomy to meet customers’ goals and satisfy their needs.
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Oracle is the first world supplier of corporate software, with a very large portfolio of solutions for companies of all sizes. With 430.000 clients in 175 countries, Oracle offers cutting-edge solutions in the sectors of Software as a Service (SaaS), Platform as a Service (PaaS), Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) and Data as a Service (DaaS).
Oracle is again revolutionizing the way in which data are managed: it has incorporated innovative technologies in every aspect of Cloud, thus allowing companies to reinvent their activities, processes and experiences.

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Software AG offers the first Digital Business Platform in the world, allowing its own clients to innovate quickly, differentiate themselves and win in the digital industry. The possibility of combining processes and integrating data and analyses in real time, and all this in a single and complete middleware platform, enables its client to reach operating efficiency, modernizing systems and optimizing processes in order to take smarter decisions and provide better services.
Able Tech is an Italian software company engaged in the research and development of IT solutions for the management of information and business processes. The success and continuous growth of Able Tech are linked to ARXivar the most widespread Information & Process Management platform in Italy, easily integrated into the most popular management systems and available for any device.