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Custom Application Development

Innovative GN solutions tailored to your business success 

GN Supplier Portal

To manage relations with suppliers
GN Supplier Portal is an interactive web platform, integrated with ERP, for the management of the relationships between the company and its suppliers, aimed at improving communication and management efficiency. The portal was created to allow companies to establish strongly integrated relationships with suppliers, aimed at creating an efficient and flexible supply chain.


GN Customer Relationship Management To manage customer relationships efficiently and to improve marketing and communication strategies, companies need an integrated customer relationship management (CRM) and marketing automation (MA) solution."

GN Waste Management

The IoT for Doha Smart City
The project involves the planning of logistics and the collection of municipal waste until their disposal. This solution also allows to organize an intelligent management of waste differentiated as reusable as a productive factor for the realization of new goods.

GN Assembly Process Planner

The ideal tool to support the industrialization phase of a new product within a production process.

GN WorkForce Manager

On site "assistance" punctual, precise and efficient.
The GN workforce Manager application is the application created for companies that offer after-sales service and maintenance of machines and plants. Collect and plan assistance, coordinate activities, equip operators, plan travel, track costs and monitor customer feedback.

GN Master Data Automation

The App for Personal Data
GN Master Data Automation is the web application created by GN Techonomy for the automation, through the use of workflows, of the creation of the different company records: Products, Suppliers, Customers, Orders...