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Progetti R&D

Seeking innovation to make your business goals tangible

GN Anomaly Detection

Services related to corporate assets
Timely detection of anomalies that occur to any business asset is of utmost importance to avoid the shutdown of connected business processes. The Anomaly Detection service is an advanced tool that operates in a standardized way to support companies in the continuous collection and monitoring of anomalies from complex data and contexts, not otherwise manageable by human personnel.

GN Blockchain

For the authentication of the product
GN Techonomy offers information advice aimed at identifying and integrating events to be recorded in the Blockchain. In addition, it operates the governance of the Blockchain project in order to record that information and those transactions consistent with the business goal you want to achieve.

Smart Glasses Vuzix

Vuzix Smart Glasses are the latest generation of glasses that offer mobile workers a tool that transforms the concept of augmented reality into practical and powerful applications for the management of warehouse logistics "hands-free"data collection and unprecedented access to information.

GN Demand Forecasting

GN Techonomy has realized, using Statistical and Machine Learning Algorithms, a solution for the forecast of the question and therefore of the sales - of product, combined with Oracle Analytics for the visualization and the analysis of the results.

GN Quality Assurance

AI for the identification of defects
GN Quality Assurance is the Artificial Intelligence system developed by GN Techonomy for the detection, recognition and classification of manufacturing defects.