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Industrial Manufacturing

Cloud and IoT solutions for Manifacturing digitalization 

Through the implementation of Cloud and Internet of Things solutions, GN Techonomy has completed projects to digitize business processes at its customers. In compliance with the principles of Industry 4.0, following the guidelines of lean manufacturing, GN has supported its customers in updating production processes eliminating waste, optimizing results and shortening time to market.

The main solutions for this field

JD Edwards: the ERP that support the Digital Transformation

Oracle JD Edwards Enterprise One is the historic ERP proposed by GN Techonomy to accompany the operational change and evolution of Customers. 

IIoT: GN solutions for systems modernization

From the traditional production system to the Industrial Internet of Things through integrated solutions created by GN Techonomy through the Cumulocity platform of Software AG.

GN IoT Asset Monitoring: IoT at the service of industry

The solution GN IoT Asset Monitoring powered by Cumulocity of Software AG has been designed to optimize processes and increase production efficiency

GN Pick to Light: IoT at the service of picking activity

GN Pick to Light is the solution designed to optimize the picking activity inside the warehouse. It is an electronic system to support the operator in the activities of withdrawal/ manual deposit of warehouses.

GN Manufacturing Execution System: for manufacturing

To plan production processes, it is necessary to operate a statistical control that involves a timely collection of vast types of data and a thorough knowledge of business assets.

GN Quality Assurance: AI for locating defects

GN Quality Assurance is the Artificial Intelligence system developed by GN Techonomy for the detection, recognition and classification of manufacturing defects