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Real Estate

In Cloud solutions to manage Real Estate assets

The management of real estate assets becomes easier thanks to an agile and efficient Cloud infrastructure. The flexibility of the Cloud, characterized by a scalable architecture, meets the needs of expanding companies. Data Collection is a key aspect of this industry to optimize customer satisfaction

The main solutions for this field

JD Edwards: the ERP that support the Digital Transformation

Oracle JD Edwards Enterprise One is the historic ERP proposed by GN Techonomy to accompany the operational change and evolution of Customers. 

Oracle Cloud Infrastructure: What is it and what are the benefits?

Oracle Cloud Infrastructure is designed to provide customers with security, reliability, robustness, performance, and powerful computing capabilities to meet the needs of any business.

EIM: Electronic Invoice Management

GN has developed a solution compatible with the ERP system JD Edwards enterpriseone called GN EIM (Electronic Invoice Management) for the management of active and passive invoices

GN IoT Asset Monitoring: IoT at the service of industry

GN IoT Asset Monitoring solution powered by Cumulocity of Software AG, has been designed to optimize processes and increase production efficiency