Custom Application Development_2.6

GN WorkForce Manager

Intelligent "on site" support

GN workforce Manager is the application created for companies that offer after-sales service and maintenance of machines and plants (appliances, elevators, elevators, electrical panels, boilers, electrical equipment and meters, ...).

The application allows you to:

  • Collecting assistance requests and planning the schedule of field interventions
  • Coordinate the activity of technicians, organizing teams and shifts according to needs and requirements
  • Equip operators with the necessary equipment
  • Plan routes and trips by area or geographical area, define the distance and quantify the distance traveled by technicians via GPS devices on devices
  • Identify the costs (hours of intervention, spare parts, journey, travel, ...) and report the costs for these services
  • Upload and monitor customer feedback and process reports for each intervention

The GN workforce Manager Smart Scheduler also optimizes the assignments of interventions to customers according to the individual skills of each technician.

It is a solution that can be integrated with the main international ERP systems (Oracle, SAP): in fact, it allows the real-time exchange of information from the center to field operators, equipped with smartphones/tablets, and vice versa.

Main advantages of GN Workforce Manager:

Accurate and efficient customer service
Easy use of the app with smartphones and tablets. Interface with an intuitive dashboard that allows you to implement changes directly in the field
Digitization of all information
Possibility to take photos and attach them to the intervention document
Traceability of travel expenses


1. Activity Management

The activity management, on the application, is managed through 3 screens: activity detail, spare parts and check list. In the first, the operator compiles the information relating to the operation performed, in the second, the spare parts used and in the third, each technician can check the status of the individual activity, and apply any changes.

2. Planning

  • Automatic scheduling. Creating tasks on calendar.
  • Dashboard that displays operators/technicians only in the requested geographic region.
  • Manual planning. Resource optimization with operator/technician allocation based on time availability and expertise.
  • Custom dashboards for each area manager.

3. Balance sheet

Daily check on calendar:

  • Green → Completed (resulting in PDF creation for each intervention)
  • Yellow To be sent
  • Red → Not completed

4. Invoicing (active cycle)

Information immediately shared with the ERP system. Each invoice contains:

  • Working time
  • Description of work done
  • Used spare parts

5. Human resources
Creating payslips and payments



State of play 

  • Expected hours
  • Scheduled hours
  • Final hours

Progress level

  • To determine whether the activity will be carried out in the expected time

Geographical planning

  • Location of each asset
  • Optimization for the autoplanning of any machine intervention in the surrounding areas
Augmented Reality with Smart Glasses
  • Visual sharing for remote support and remote assistance
  • Mapping for electrical installations