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GN Master Data Automation

Personal data App

GN Master Data Automation is the web application created by GN Techonomy for the automation, through the use of workflows, of the creation of the different data records present in the company:

  • Product History
  • Personal data Suppliers
  • Customer History
  • Job History

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Improving and organizing the collection of information, automating and centralizing the process of compiling the different business data is essential to eliminate costly errors and the countless documents to be checked and stored. Through GN Master Data Automation, the company can forget about the use of Excel files, documents, mails or paper sheets for the collection of data and for the creation of data in the various management systems.

The ease of use guaranteed by the graphical interface of the App and the possibility of using the application from PCs, tablets and smartphones, combined with a guided compilation, allows the staff of each department to easily enter the data and information of their competence.

The workflow automation of the compilation sequence, the standardization of the process and the immediate creation and modification of the personal data in the external systems join to the elimination of the paper and the circulation manual or via email of documents and sheets Excel between offices. The integration with any external system, ERP - in particular Oracle JD Edwards -, e-commerce site, CRM, etc. makes the GN Web App an extension of the system itself and allows the company to have a centralized monitoring of information, a check on the completion times of each office and a tracking of changes.

For each type of registry there is the possibility of:

  • Differentiate the characteristics of the information to be managed
  • Differentiate visibility and information management for each role
  • Differentiating the build workflow sequence

Authorizations can be centralized. The information associated with roles and/ or departments, differentiated by the type of data, can be, in fact, set as editable, visible or not visible. In fact, the staff of each office will have the right to enter only the data of its competence and see the other information only if enabled.

If you want to know in detail the GN Master Data Automation application, please contact us.