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GN Customer Relationship Management 

To manage customer relationships efficiently and to improve marketing and communication strategies, companies need an integrated customer relationship management (CRM) and marketing automation (MA) solution.

Opportunities for companies
Gathering and systematizing information from contacts, leads, prospects and customers is critical to meeting the global market challenge. However, having the data updated and centralized in real time, related to your contacts, is not enough. Companies also need to perform ad hoc follow-up actions depending on the phase of the customer journey purchase process in which the user is located.

With GN Techonomy’s CRM and Marketing Automation solutions, you can plan, manage and optimize workflows for a wide range of tasks and communications, all automated and with a high level of customization. By automating repetitive tasks, the work of marketing departments is simplified, streamlined and speeded up.

The implementation and development of marketing campaigns and email marketing, the tracking of the activity of their audience on Social Networks, on the company website and on the e-commerce, and the measurement of the effectiveness of digital marketing campaigns in terms of brand awareness, engagement, demand generation are thus concentrated in a single platform.

Through our Customer Relationship Management solutions, you can therefore achieve greater lead engagement, improve the quality of new contacts, increase brand visibility and enhance marketing intelligence. Thus, having clear what are the needs and behaviors of its audience, the company is able to create more valuable content and reach the right target, with the right message, at the right time.

Automation of processes and activities, targeted customization of content and measurement of results are in fact the 3 tools available to "marketers 4.0" that allow them to create effective campaigns, to attract new and better contacts and convert them into satisfied and loyal customers.