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Product authentications

GN Techonomy offers information advice aimed at identifying and integrating the events to be recorded in the Blockchain. Furthermore, the governance of the Blockchain project operates in order to record that information and that.

Therefore, it is possible to nullify any attempt at counterfeiting by third parties and guarantee the high quality of the product, the seriousness of the company and give added value to the brand.

Blockchain is a tool that, guaranteeing the sequence of recorded events, offers the certainty of the quality of the materials and the authenticity of the product. It therefore represents an important information base for other business processes such as marketing, automation of payments and management of products under warranty.
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Manufacturing Industry
In the manufacturing industry, in particular, this technology has enormous importance: it allows companies to:

  • Redefine supply chain management
  • Rethinking transactional processes
  • Realize new forms of services both for suppliers and, above all, for customers

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Blockchain allows enterprises to organize secure supply chains, tracing the origin and the path of materials, from production to the sale of the product, with visibility on the progress of this process in real time.

By introducing this innovative technology, companies, and especially the most important “made in Italy” brands, can defeat the phenomenon of counterfeiting. For example, producers of fine wine can now guarantee the originality, origin and specificity of their products. In fact, with a QR code printed on the bottle, and validated by Blockchain technology, it is possible to trace specific information relating to the place, the production chain and the processing methods that attest to the best product quality. Also in the fashion and clothing sector, the Blockchain is used to guarantee the origin and quality of the fabrics and materials used. This is possible thanks to the recording in the register of all the transactions that occurred along the supply chain. The Blockchain therefore allows to guarantee the quality and authenticity of the product, at the same time justifying its greater value, especially in foreign markets where Italianness is highly appreciated and “copied”.

A successful case history by GN Techonomy

To the Oracle Open World 2019 in San Francisco, GN Techonomy brought the solution made by exploiting the peculiarities of Blockchain technology, for the client Fabbrica D’Armi Pietro Beretta Spa. For the occasion, Gualtiero Biella – Managing Director of GN Techonomy, and Umberto Arrighini, CIO of Fabbrica D’Armi Pietro Beretta Spa, explained in a speech the importance of the Blockchain in terms of innovation and security in the arms production process. From the rifle serial number, it is possible to trace the entire production process, guaranteeing the authenticity of the weapon and thus maintaining its value over time. In addition, the end customer can, by entering the rifle serial number in the App, find useful information such as:

  • product specifications and features,
  • discover the offers of ancillary services,
  • richiedere assistenza direttamente all’azienda.

On April 23, 2020 – at the Webinar organized by the CSMT “Use Cases for Blockchain: impact and feasibility in manufacturing” – together with the customer Fabbrica D’Armi Pietro Beretta we presented during the impact of Blockchain technology on business processes for the authentication of their premium guns.