Hybrid Integration

To enable the integration of data

Companies are constantly looking for new ways to transform, improve and respond to the different Digital Transformation strategies. From this point of view, technology and data promote innovation and tangible positive results. However, before being able to obtain detailed information and create original solutions and experiences for customers, companies need to connect and standardize all data in the entire application landscape. Hybrid Integration fits into this context.

The need to exchange information between one system and another entails the need for an integration that allows you to enable the exchange of data in real time. The aim is to make decision-making processes efficient by promoting business innovation. The introduction of the new Cloud systems in some business areas – alongside the already consolidated On Premise ones – has in fact highlighted the need to integrate hybrid systems present in companies today.

What is a Hybrid Integration platform?
The hybrid integration platform is a set of integration software (middleware) that allows users to develop, protect and govern the integration flows that connect different applications, systems, services and data stores, and allow the rapid creation of APIs and life cycle management to meet the requirements of a range of application cases related to hybrid integration. A Hybrid Integration platform, therefore, provides the company with all the necessary tools to make it easier to integrate data and applications in any local and multicloud environment.

Companies have the opportunity to turn data into strategic information, which allows them to make better decisions faster.

GN Techonomy, with its twenty years of experience on Software AG‘s platform WebMethods, – now in the Web Methods Integration Cloud version – allows the use of a methodology that facilitates the dialogue between different systems, including different Software Vendors. In fact, the advantage of having a single pivot point to manage the flow of data between different platforms guarantees the optimization of performance and the maximization of the efficiency of the production processes. The solutions that GN Techonomy implements for its customers are based on the integration of applications present in the company. These range from ERP, to CRM, from Supply Chain to HR, but not only: also business applications and IoT solutions created to control production plants.

GN Techonomy has supported and still supports the best Italian and foreign brands in activating the process of integration between different systems, eliminating the manual nature of business operations, making business activities fluid and enabling the launch of new services. These are key components to accelerate digital transformation and win the global competition.