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JD Edwards: the ERP that supports Digital Transformation


Oracle JD Edwards Enterprise One is the historical ERP proposed by GN Techonomy to accompany the operational change and the evolution of client companies. JD Edwards EnterpriseOne, available both On Premise and In Cloud, is a complete and integrated ERP suite, consisting of over 80 modules. These were created to support the corporate processes of the production, trade and services sectors.

Grazie all’esperienza maturata negli anni, GN Thanks to the experience gained over the years, GN Techonomy has developed considerable skills in implementation and support, as well as vertical internal and external ERP solutions, specific for the main business sectors. (See GN Mobile One for warehouse management and GN OMS for sales process management).

JDE is therefore a complete management of software modules ranging from finance, distribution, manufacturing to data analysis and sales management.

JD Edwards

Financial Management

Oracle JD Edwards EnterpriseOne for financial management helps businesses respond faster to an ever-changing environment. In fact, this solution allows to optimize the financial operations and to improve the accuracy of the economic-financial reports.

  • Economic and financial operations management
  • Integration and flexibility to optimize accounting processes
  • Customer accounting information updated in real time
  • Advanced cost Accounting
  • Expense management
  • Asset accounting
  • Tax coverage on all major European and non-European countries

Manufacturing Management

Develop, produce and distribute products quickly, use efficient processes that can optimize resources and meet customer expectations on quality, prices and deliveries.

  • Efficient procurement and simple and fast production planning that guarantees the alignment between supply and demand
  • Quality Management
  • Improved cost management and profitability analysis

Logistics Management

Certainty of having the right product, in the right place, at the most appropriate time, at the most appropriate price and under the required conditions.

  • Reduction of delivery times by eliminating, automating and speeding up processes
  • Better visibility and speed of material flow
  • Optimized management of incoming and outgoing flows of goods, with management of the reception cycle and quality control
  • Real-time access to inventory quantity, status and location
  • Optimized management of warehouse stocks
  • Reduction of inventory costs
  • Production management at the level of: batch, container, serial number and serial number

Supply Management

Improvement of relations with customers (CRM) and suppliers (SRM), for direct and indirect goods and services, thus ensuring a more flexible and adaptable supply chain.

  • Management of active and passive order flows
  • More efficient response to customer demand
  • Rapid response to supply chain outages with alerts
  • Reduction of material costs by directing the expenditure towards the main suppliers
  • Inventory improvement by maintaining or increasing customer satisfaction
  • Reduction of purchases out of contract
  • Advanced management of discounts and price lists for both customers and suppliers

Customer Relationship Management

Integrated solution with other strategic processes, such as consensus-based forecasts, real-time forecasting of orders and management of contacts and opportunities.

  • Advance Pricing 
  • Case Management 
  • Customer Self Service
  • Sales Force Automation 
  • Sales Order Management 
  • Service Management

Human Capital Management

Simplify HR Operations with applications that can reduce costs and the most time-consuming administrative tasks.

  • Human Resources Management: workforce planning, human resource management, benefits, careers within the company and skills
  • Simplify the payroll cycle
  • Automatic entry to external candidate systems

Oracle JD Edwards EnterpriseOne software meets the demands of a modern and simplified user experience. In fact, the integration with digital technologies combined with the innovative approach of GN consultants increases productivity and allows your company to work smarter and faster, as well as to obtain better results.

In the Case History presented here, our Customer explains how the ERP Oracle JD Edwards has made it possible to improve the management and performance of its business processes.

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