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GN Pick to Light: IIoT supporting the picking activity


GN Pick to Light is the solution designed to optimize picking activities within the warehouse. It is an electronic system to support the operator in the manual picking / depositing of warehouse items. The electronic device applied on each sampling island guides the employees thanks to:

  • A multicolored light that indicates the position of the item to be picked up / deposited
  • A display that shows the information on the item and the quantities to be picked up / deposited
  • An infrared sensor that detects hand movement

All the information that the hardware device collects is sent directly to the corporate ERP.

The Pick to Light solution is essential to ensure the speed and reliability of the picking activity, eliminating costly errors. In addition, speed and reliability are combined with extreme ease of use.

Pick to Light Display


  1. Fasten the entire process of picking up/depositing items within the warehouse. The light signal and the display support the operator in correctly picking / depositing the components from the containers positioned on the various shelves. Thanks to this solution it is therefore possible to obtain a considerable increase in productivity, especially in warehouses characterized by heterogeneity of the items present.

  2. Reduce the number of errors. Since the operator is guided by a light signal and codes on the display, the possibility of making mistakes is reduced to a minimum. When the components inside some containers are similar but have different mechanical characteristics, the Pick to Light solution is essential to avoid frequent pick-up/deposit errors and increase the satisfaction of users who use them.

  3. Simplify the training of warehouse operators. Pick to Light is a very simple solution to use. Indeed, a few hours of training are enough for the training of warehouse staff.

  4. Integration with ERPs. Proper management of the picking activity and its integration with the entire company infrastructure allows constant monitoring of the flow of goods entering and exiting the warehouse.

  5. Improve both warehouse and logistics processes. The Pick to Light is useful for:

    • management of high rotation items,
    • collection of inputs that participate in the creation of a particular product,
    • load management of raw materials,
    • shipments of finished products.
  6. Low installation requirements. In fact, a 12 Volt electrical network is sufficient to power the devices and a Wi-Fi network to connect them to the infrastructure.

IIoT and Industry 4.0

Il Pick to Light is an IIoT (Industrial Internet of Things) solution that involves the use of physical hardware devices connected to the network, integrated with the company system (the ERP) and controlled remotely. This system is able to optimize the production process and generate industrial automation that falls within the themes related to Industry 4.0.


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