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Oracle Analytics Cloud

Optimize results by leveraging data

The importance of data in defining strategies and measuring business performance is a "fact".
From the moment we began to understand the hidden potential behind the amount of information in the databases, there has been an exponential growth in the effectiveness of business strategies and the efficiency of the operating compartments.

However, not always having the right data is a sufficient condition for them to be interpreted properly and thus become the guiding wheel of strategies.

To help its customers unlock the hidden potential of data, GN Techonomy proposes Oracle Analytics, a Cloud Business Intelligence platform that offers a comprehensive set of analytics capabilities to explore, process and share detailed insights.
The Oracle Analytics tools, properly set, allow you to perform functions ranging from data collection to business reporting, from advanced analytics to modeling what-scenariosif: everything can be easily shared and made available to a variety of users. By connecting with any type of data source ERP, CRM, database, Data Warehouse, Big Data, spreadsheets, etc.   and machine learning, Oracle Analytics is the ideal platform to process a significant amount of information and get trends, estimates and forecasts with a degree of reliability of more than 90%.

Thanks to a centralized information organization that brings together in a single platform the data analysis of each flow, process and environment (Cloud, On-Premises, Hybrid), OAC meets the analytical needs of the company’s management in reporting and decision-making. The company will then have a tool to support in quickly evaluating different hypotheses and determining the best possible result, simplifying and speeding up the creation and testing of new ideas and strategies.

For those using newer Business Intelligence platforms like Oracle BI Enterprise Edition On-Premise, the Lift & Shift upgrade to Oracle Analytics Cloud takes place directly, otherwise you can define a migration plan to gradually bring your systems to the Cloud.