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30 Years of Success

The ARIS platform is a process business management tool that allows organizations around the world to easily model the interrelationships between the building blocks of their architecture the foundations of every company (processes, systems, people, risks, controls, customers, strategic objectives, etc.).

Often the ARIS platform is confused with process design tools like Visio or Power Point, but the huge difference lies in the implementation of its relational database, that allows you to build a unique information asset where different business areas can use the various analysis functions of ARIS to better manage different types of projects.

Thanks to its twenty-year experience in different business contexts in the implementation of ARIS, GN Techonomy offers consulting services aimed at optimizing the use of the platform and customizing the methodology to the specific needs of its customers, supporting them in the creation of internal centres of competence with the ultimate goal of growing the process culture within the various business divisions.


The design areas of ARIS, as well as its benefits, are many:

Implementation or migration of ERP systems
This project inevitably derives from a structured analysis of business processes, and ARIS, through the application of a logical method, allows to understand every point of the process and the consequent impact in its technical implementation.
The common language adopted also allows an excellent alignment between technical figures and business people reducing project time thanks to a drastic reduction in rework.


Knowledge management
Business turnover is a fundamental element when you think about the maintenance of information related to the operation of the company and, often, a criticality is due to the presence of such information only in the heads of people.
The use of a relational database that allows easy use of this information through navigable models, as well as being a fundamental element for the on-boarding of new employees, a consolidated value for the company in terms of information.


Digital Transformation
In the age of digital transformation, new technologies bring significant changes in terms of business model and operations of people.
It is therefore essential to have a clear idea of the entire current context, both in terms of systems and processes, in order to be able to plan digitisation in the best possible way and, above all, to avoid these new solutions being less efficient than initially envisaged.


Merge & Acquisition
The growth of modern companies often passes through mergers or acquisitions of new companies. These operations are often complex and require a great integration effort to enable the expected results to be achieved in the short term.
A proper re-organization is essential for an effective sharing of all resources and at the same time to eliminate any redundancies. ARIS allows you to create, compare and analyze different templates to get a common template that can guide your business in the post M&A period.