Oracle Cloud Infrastructure

What is it and what are the benefits?

Oracle Cloud Infrastructure was designed to provide customers with security, reliability, robustness, performance and powerful computing capabilities to meet the needs of any business.

Cloud Computing, and in particular the OCI, allows companies to have a single entry point for all services related to software, infrastructure, backup and disaster recovery, to get rid of the complexities and expenses of hardware maintenance, administration databases and data warehouses, and to have a high usability of the data.


img-2Why do companies choose Oracle Cloud Infrastructure?

  1. Economic savings, lightness of the infrastructure and speed
    The investments in hardware are cut down: the company infrastructure, once extremely complicated, expensive and “heavy”, which required the supervision of various figures for maintenance, protection and updates, is replaced by a centralized and “delocalized” infrastructure which, not being located in a specific geographical area, it does not affect the infrastructure of the corporate offices. In fact, the data connection can be made in any place, at any time and from any device: smartphone, PC, tablet. This allows a total continuation of the activity even in “smartworking”. Finally, relying on dedicated data bands and with high capacities, the company has information available very quickly and from anywhere.
  2. Up & down and in & out scalability, greater system flexibility and security
    The company has the possibility to adapt its resources, increasing or decreasing them, according to its needs. Furthermore, data and networks, being protected with services always backed up, are more secure than the old On Premises systems. Security is one of the pillars that Oracle guarantees, providing highly performing and unparalleled governance controls, thanks to the free release of updates relating to innovations in infrastructure security.
  3. Compatibility with all applications
    The Oracle cloud was designed to ensure maximum performance and the best usability of the Oracle database – and in particular the Oracle Autonomous Database – but not only. In fact, it also offers the possibility of hosting third-party (legacy) applications: why not make the most of it? Oracle Cloud Infrastructure supports all applications, both old and new, regardless of complexity, and minimizes the need for IT teams to update or redesign legacy software. OCI therefore offers a portfolio of complete cloud computing services, ranging from application development, business data analysis, management, integration, data security, to the development of solutions based on artificial intelligence, IoT and on the blockchain.
  4. Disaster Recovery
    Contrary to traditional solutions, cloud disaster recovery services offer an inexpensive alternative to traditional “disaster recovery” methods. The DR Cloud, in fact, simplifies the duplication of data in multiple locations and makes the operational activity of companies faster in the event of a cyber attack, cyber-attack or other disaster.

GN Techonomy’s twenty-year partnership with Oracle, confirmed by the implementation of many ERP projects at the excellence of Italian entrepreneurship, is consolidated with Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS).