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GN Mobile One: Android App for the Warehouse


GN Mobile One is a mobile application of GN Techonomy created for Smart Warehouse Management based on the Android operating system. It is compatible with the latest generation devices and can be integrated with any ERP and is therefore the perfect solution to make the performance of warehouse processes more efficient and to save time and money.

GN Mobile One, interfacing with the company ERP, is the GN solution that is based on the Kanban technique for warehouse and production management by streamlining the material handling process. Con una suite di App, GN Mobile consente:

  • Withdrawals and warehouses (picking-putting activities)
  • Reception, transfers and shipment of goods (with shipment confirmation)
  • Research of articles in stock and supply
  • Speed up inventory thanks to the detection of warehouse stocks
  • Loading and unloading of ordered products/inputs that enter the production cycle
  • Check availability
  • Control of the work and progress of the production lines
  • Moving the items from one location/warehouse to another
GN Mobile One


GN Mobile One enables the connection between the business applications (ERP, CRM, legacy systems, databases) present in the company’s central system and the mobile device used by the user, directly transmitting data and information. GN Mobile One therefore improves the performance of business processes, correlating all the tasks associated with warehouse management functions and tables: items, locations, different warehouses, …


  1. Solution integrated with the corporate ERP. The mobile App is fully integrated with the ERP On Premise or In Cloud and, therefore, all standard and custom transactions for the customer can be easily replicated on the application.
  2. Ability to use the GN Mobile One solution on different devices also on Smart Glasses Vuzix.
  3. Improvement of performance and working conditions. The GN brand warehouse management application optimizes warehouse operator operations by reducing working time. In addition, the user-friendly interface and the use of much lighter terminals than in the past facilitates its activity.
  4. Control of active users in the warehouse. GN Mobile One presents a Web Console with which you can manage the information of the warehouse workers (password, username), check the connected users and observe the history of each operation carried out (Query and calls to the ERP).
  5. Facilitates the change of devices: from the old Windows Mobile-based ones that will no longer be produced to the new generation ones that are based on Android.
    • June 2018: Windows Embedded CE 6.0 will be End of Life
    • June 2019: Windows Embedded 8.1 Handheld will be End of Life
    • January 2020: Windows Embedded Handheld 6.5 will be End of Life 
  6. Scalability: the whole architecture is modular and both low cost solutions with limited functionality and complete and more complex solutions are available.
  7. Security: all transmitted data are encrypted by algorithms such as DES and AES.
  8. Flexibility: the component development of the App allows the management of access to the Menus present in the application.
  9. Data Integrity: the App is realized to manage communication between remote applications and back end systems, ensuring the integrity of transactions, even in the event of problems such as lack of connection.
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