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GN Customer Portal: to manage the relationship with customers


GN Customer Portal facilitates collaboration with its customers, optimizing accounting, logistics and delivery management. It is a Web application, natively integrated with the corporate ERP, which makes all commercial functions reliable and improves the sales processes of B2B companies.

GN Customer Portal

The integration with the management software allows the company to constantly monitor the status of the warehouse, the stocks, the issue of invoices and all those operations that make up the logistic process from the issue of the order, up to the delivery of the article inside the store.

The GN portal has an intuitive interface, capable of effectively simplifying and speeding up the management of the different phases, each of which is dedicated to a specific module within the portal itself.

The modules that are mostly used are:
  • Invoices module
  • Orders module
  • Sell-out module
  • Return and Collection Management module
  • Catalog module with updated and personalized prices

The modules can be increased based on the phases of the company’s logistics process. The portal can in fact be customized and perfectly adapted to the company’s operating structure, thus ensuring more efficient management of the warehouse, the progress of sales orders, returns, withdrawals, automating the issue of invoices to the customer.

The Customer Portal is accessible by two types of users:

  • Admin user – the company: this type of user has the possibility to see the data of all his customers.
  • End User – the customer: he can only view the data relating to his point of sale or, if he owns more than one, the data of all the points of sale controlled.

Each account is linked to a customer code in the ERP and a billing code to which one or more shipping codes can be connected. In the portal it is possible to search by article, by code or by using keywords.

GN Customer Portal, making the exchange of information and documentation reliable, guarantees greater customer loyalty.


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