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NetSuite: the ad hoc ERP Cloud for SMEs


GN Techonomy‘s portfolio is enriched with a fourth ERP capable of supporting companies of all sizes. Modern and flexible, the Oracle NetSuite ERP is the world’s leading cloud software. This is a resource that allows you to manage the business in all its aspects with simplicity, without problems and also reducing costs.

In particular, ERP NetSuite, is an Oracle suite of Cloud products for small and medium-sized enterprises, in fact, it is a flexible and scalable software service that, thanks to the Cloud, guarantees usability everywhere and continuous updating. Furthermore, it offers integrated and modular management of all the different business areas. The Oracle Netsuite ERP suites are equipped with an agile and streamlined organization that allows financial management and planning, order management, production and supply chain management and warehouse management. It therefore guarantees innovative technological support to all business processes, from accounting to the supply chain, from human resources to CRM, from e-commerce management to the point of sale.

Thanks to a highly specialized and certified team on the Oracle NetSuite ERP, GN Techonomy is able to help companies improve the efficiency and visibility of business processes, as it guides them towards the digital transformation process with a management system in the Cloud that overcomes the limits traditionally imposed by on-premise software. Thanks to the ability to manage and simplify activities, with the consequent elimination of reporting of processes through Excel spreadsheets, the company lays the foundations for good and better global governance. In this way tangible results are guaranteed immediately: reduction of company costs, increase of productivity and better focus on the business.

Peculiarities of NetSuite

NetSuite, adequately customized, allows you to manage and control costs and revenues for departments and projects, to make forecasts for individual business units with automatic budget / actual controls, and to acquire customized reports for each management process of interest.

It is therefore the ideal solution for quality financial and accounting management, since it combines visibility on the work with ease of use. Thanks to real-time reporting tailored to business needs and through personalized and customizable dashboards, in fact, the company can analyze its KPIs, check the progress of the business and measure economic and financial performance.

Advantages of NetSuite

  • Cloud software: no hardware management costs
  • Scalable and modular architecture
  • Automatic updates with new features twice a year
  • Backward compatibility: usability of the modules also developed with all subsequent updates
  • Security, traceability and compliance
  • Access to information by business role
  • Project implementation speed
  • Ease of learning and use
  • One system for all business processes
  • Company data available in real time:
  • Profit & loss situation
  • Cost center query
  • Budget/actual control
  • Customized reports

NetSuite is the optimal ERP for service companies that face the process of listing on the stock exchange. The need to have a tool that would allow you to monitor the balance sheet and financial situation in real-time was the main reason for the implementation of the Oracle NetSuite ERP at the CrowdFundMe client. This implementation has received the “SMAU 2019 innovation” award.

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