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Fusion Applications: the ERP Cloud For Big Companies


Oracle Fusion Applications ERP Cloud is a set of business Apps entirely based on open standards that represent a new reference point for businesses. They allow you to automate the procurement and inventory processes on a single cloud platform with in-depth reports for all the operations carried out by the company. In addition, they improve project management skills and reduce operating costs.

By integrating all business activities, the Fusion Applications:

  • Guarantee an accurate cost tracking
  • Support informed strategic decision making
  • Allow the company to provide its customers with greater added value

Fusion Applications ERP is a complete suite of modular Cloud applications that improve business processes management and reduce costs.

EPR Cloud

They consist of eight different applications divided into more than 100 modules:

  1. Customer Relationship Management
  2. Financials
  3. Human Capital Management
  4. Procurement
  5. Governance
  6. Risk and Compliance
  7. Project Portfolio Management
  8. Supply Chain Management

In addition, within each of these groups, there are several sub-categories that provide businesses with multiple levels of services and modules.

A strong point of Oracle Fusion Applications is its ability to integrate with hybrid architectures: Cloud and Legacy. Furthermore, thanks to the Cloud infrastructure based on open standards, it offers the possibility of further customizations and external developments.

With the automation of daily activities, companies have the time to plan their future. From long-term scenario planning to real-time reporting and supply chain management. With GN Techonomy solutions, the company will always be one step ahead.

In the Case History on our site, the Client company has chosen Oracle Fusion Applications for:
  • Harmonize processes and data
  • Consolidate different accounting systems for all the countries in which the company operates, with the drafting of a unified chart of accounts
  • Manage balanced intercompany transactions, both commercial and financial
  • Harmonize group reporting
  • Manage roles and data segregation
  • Introduce ad hoc rules and approval workflow in the purchasing process
  • Integrate legacy systems
Fusion Apps - Main Reference

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