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Process Mining and Continual Improvement

Process Mining and Continual Improvement

"The first rule of any technology used in an enterprise is that automation applied to an efficient operation will increase efficiency. The second is that automation applied to an inefficient operation will amplify inefficiency"
- Bill Gates

GN Techonomy combines the previous statement with its consultancy practices of continuous improvement by offering its customers a structured approach to process analysis through the use of innovative data & process mining tools.

Following the DMAIC cycle of SixSigma, GN proposes a method that starts from

Definition of the current situation through a business workshop to identify the essential elements for a correct process analysis and continues with a technical workshop, which aims to translate business information into data and events that can be found by different business systems. Once this definition phase is completed, a

Measurement of the process through the data extracted from the systems, which allow to evaluate the performance and compliance of the process performed with that ideally assumed by the company. The measurement phase is the basis for a thorough

Analysis of problems and process inefficiencies and, through machine learning algorithms, is able to identify the causes of any problems thus allowing an informed assessment of potential process improvements. The phase of

Improvement can be implemented through various solutions, including the implementation of ERP solutions, the development of custom solutions and/or process automation through RPA (Robotic Process Automation) solutions. The method suggested by GN Techonomy ends with the

Post implementation control, which allows you to evaluate how much the automation solution or improvement has actually achieved the desired results going to calculate the final ROI of the project.

Through this method, our customers are able to accurately develop technological solutions to optimize the performance of any critical process, whether it is performed on an ERP system, a Legacy system or a variety of heterogeneous systems.

Moreover, the analysis of the data linked to the execution of the process allows to activate perpetual continuous improvement mechanisms, through the combination of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning.

GN Techonomy combines all the skills of Data Science, Process Intelligence and Hybrid Integration, fundamental to ensure the success of a Process Mining project and, thanks to its competence center on application solutions and new technologies, allows you to suggest the best process solution at the implementation stage.

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