Oracle Autonomous Database

Take control of your data

Oracle Autonomous Database Cloud uses machine learning technology to improve productivity, eliminate errors, and ensure unprecedented data availability, performance, and security.

In an increasingly digitalised global scenario, where innovative technologies such as iot and 5G open up new horizons and develop new fascinating opportunities, data plays a crucial role.
In particular, their management and, especially their use, represents an opportunity for companies to give value to all that amount of information that, until now, have only occupied corporate storage spaces, without, however, representing a truly exploitable asset. The center of gravity for the storage and management of any type of data is the Corporate Database that, in recent years, thanks to the introduction of the Cloud, has gone through a period of continuous changes - the gradual abandonment from On Premises, towards a hybrid integration On Premises-Cloud, to move now and increasingly in the future towards an infrastructure totally in the Cloud.

But what are the advantages of transferring all your Database to a facility completely in the Cloud? And above all: are the data safe now that they are no longer in the company?

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The innovative Oracle Autonomous Database, set up by GN Techonomy, uses Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning algorithms that provide a number of advantages:

  • Maximum uptime, performance and security, including automatic patches and fixes
  • Elimination of error-prone manual management tasks via automation
  • Reduce costs and improve productivity by automating daily tasks

Moreover, an Autonomous Database allows to reorganize the activities of the personnel dedicated to the management of the database, allowing them to focus on the quality of the data rather than its management. The Autonomous Database, in fact, is able to automate daily tasks such as routine maintenance, scaling, security and database tuning. Another fundamental advantage of ADB is security: the analysis of a huge amount of data and the automatic detection of anomalous values through Machine Learning algorithms allow to prevent dangerous intrusions. Finally, you can also backup and update your system automatically and continuously during execution, without any manual intervention.

To these advantages, we add some specific features that allow the Autonomous Database to adapt perfectly to the needs of each company:

  • Easy scalability: to instantly expand or reduce computing and memory resources as needed
  • Easy Patch applications: to automatically patch cloud servers in a planned sequence and eliminate downtime
  • Integrated intelligence: to monitor, manage, constantly analyze the database and automate its tuning to prevent application outages and strengthen the security of the entire system.

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