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Human Resources Management: enhance talents


Companies, in their digital transformation process, need to adopt an all-in-one solution to manage human resource management processes and align personal goals with corporate strategies.

On average, organizations have 3-4 different applications for HR management and only 13% have a single integrated HR system. However, to be competitive globally, companies need to attract – recruiting – and retain – retention – the best talent because they are the main growth factor in corporate productivity. To achieve this goal GN Techonomy offers a suite of Oracle branded HR solutions that provide complete support to companies, starting from the recruiting process – through the collection of information for each candidate – and following the entire professional growth within the company of the selected resource.

Recruiting & Onboarding

With Oracle HCM e Oracle Taleo it is possible to profile candidates on the basis of skills, perform an objective assessment both in the selection and development phase of resources and create ranking of candidates – customizable for each type of job offer – on the basis of skills, motivational levers and cognitive factors.

Talent Management & Human Capital Management 

It allows you to control each phase of the life cycle of the company’s internal talents. With the end-to-end management of “talent” in a single platform, the organization is able to identify, attract and hire the best candidates, manage the performance and increase the productivity of its employees, perform onboarding, developing careers and succession planning. The company thus has greater control over the activities of its employees, a complete picture of their skills and their evolution, and the possibility of designing personalized learning paths.

Performance Management

Thanks to a single source of data on the work of its human resources, the company is able to plan, manage and optimize HR processes and, at the same time, make better decisions and customize employee-company experiences. In fact, managers have a set of indicators available to measure and compare talents within the company, with the possibility of identifying the best performers based on the objectives achieved.


Payroll that allows you to manage the overall remuneration needs of the organization in an efficient, compliant and configurable way according to the business needs and the sector to which it belongs, reducing complexity and costs.

Oracle HCM and Oracle Taleo are the Cloud Human Resource Management solutions suitable to overcome the challenges that the market imposes and to make human resources the key to the success of companies.


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