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GN Waste Management: IoT for Doha Smart City


GN Techonomy takes part in the Ooredoo project for Doha Smart City, Qatar, starting from waste management: GN Waste Management.

The project involves the planning of logistics and the collection of municipal waste up to its disposal. This solution also allows the enterprise to organize an intelligent management of differentiated waste as it can be reused as a production factor for the creation of new goods. The goal is to optimize services for citizens, but above all, to ensure the cleanliness of the city and improve air quality. Improving the waste management process leads to a reduction in costs for both citizens and the public administration. The strength of GN Waste Management, in fact, is to bring added value to the Qatari city because it improves the quality of life of those who live there and, at the same time, respects the environment.

For this project, GN Techonomy has created the “GN Waste Management” application which has been implemented to collect the data deriving from the baskets of the Qatari city, process them, analyze them and show them to the end user. The project brings value to the citizen thanks to the use of Internet of Things (IoT) technology in the cloud. Through the sensors placed in the baskets, huge data flows are collected and analyzed in real time by Apama Streaming Analytics of Software AG. The system, thus organized, allows you to plan and manage waste collection in a short time, making this process increasingly efficient and convenient for the city of Doha.

The efficient collection, processing and analysis of data are the starting point for planning a winning strategy. Indeed, this occurs in any sector and application, including the organization of logistics and the transportation of waste to the disposal centers.


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