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GN e-commerce: revolutionizes sales


In a global scenario in which the lockdown has made the offline shopping experience more articulated, e-commerce, which already showed a strong upward trend, has assumed further importance, even in sectors where online sales were considered a marginal activity. The need therefore emerged for tools capable of not only increasing the company’s distribution channels, but also capable of offering a valid alternative solution in situations of stalemate which, as we have seen, significantly – if not entirely – limit the continuity of sales. The online store offers a simple, fluid, engaging, highly personalized shopping experience with excellent quality of service.

Both in the B2C world and in B2B, companies can benefit from the digitalization of commercial processes and e-commerce.
GN e-commerce

To facilitate this transition, GN Techonomy, thanks to its 25 years of experience in the field of technology consultancy and integration, can support companies:

  • In the design and implementation of the e-commerce portal,
  • In the implementation of integration flows with other company software in an omnichannel perspective,
  • In optimizing performance, monitoring traffic and analyzing the user experience.

Expertise in the integration of different platforms has led us to create complete e-commerce solutions, which simplify all processes related to online shopping. The company will have an “online” automated sales management that is integrated and integrated with the ERP and corporate CRM. In addition, a dashboard to monitor in real time all the phases related to the sales process – order entry, shipment tracking, warehouse management, inventory, logistics, payment, billing and returns – will allow the company to make strategic decisions with an approach ” data-driven ”and based on real consumer behavior.

GN Techonomy e-commerce solutions can be customized in response to the needs of companies. The project is modeled according to the organization’s commercial strategies, its size, and with the use of platforms, hardware and software tools that allow the company’s “virtual shop” to be at hand for its customers and to respond effectively to any sales target.

GN Techonomy has always believed in the importance of integrating different systems present in company situations for the synergistic advantages deriving from the collection and centralized control of all data. The experience in Hybrid Integration, together with the knowledge of enterprise applications, allows us to create an e-commerce project able to guarantee efficiency within the company and effectiveness towards the reference market.

Discover all the other advantages of our e-commerce solutions and why many customers have chosen our consultancy.


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