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GN Advanced Traceability Technologies


GN Advanced Traceability Technologies: the solution, integrated with the company’s ERP, which offers complete product traceability within the production, packaging and logistics process.
Its versatility lies in the possibility of extending its functionality to multiple business processes.

GN Advanced Traceability Technologies is the GN Techonomy‘s solution that allows traceability of the product path by connecting the technologies used in the production chains, in industrial systems that use automated machinery, in the warehouse management, in the packaging process and in logistics. In particular, it is optimal for all those processes where it is necessary to constantly monitor the status of the product.
Therefore, GN ATT, by integrating the information recorded on the tags with the product codes, guarantees the continuity and correctness of the production flow, and ensures the accurate traceability of each individual product, up to packaging and transport.

In addition to the application software, the usage of 2 tools is required:
  • Tag.
    It is an object available in various sizes depending on the needs, equipped with an antenna and internal memory capable of containing all the information relating to the product and identifying each piece uniquely. Joint to the product itself, or inserted inside the packaging, it allows, without the need for a direct view of the label, to read the information contained in the memory, through the use of antennas. It therefore ensures perfect product traceability within the entire logistics process. Each RFID Tag has a code that is uniquely associated with an object and an active order on the management system, allowing at any time to recover, for example, the item code, the operator who managed the process, the material used to build it and in which working state the product is located. In the event that a product label is damaged, the Tag would help by providing all the necessary information.
  • RFID Antenna.
    Using radio frequencies, this device detects and acquires all the information contained in the tags. Thanks to the connection with the ERP, the company has the ability to monitor each product at every stage of the distribution and sales process. The inclusion of high levels of automation within the various processing phases also helps improve efficiency and reduces the possibility of errors.
Integration with ERP systems

GN Advanced Traceability Technologies can be integrated with any ERP and with any other systems used by the company. It allows the operator to have greater control over the product and to automate the flow of information to and from the ERP, avoiding manual updates and continuous access. Thanks to the integration with the ERP system and the registration of every progress in the processing status of the individual product, the company has a real time control on the progress of production and logistics processes, keeping always under control the quantity of products being processed as well as the inventories.

GN Advanced Traceability Technologies has been applied to systems based on RFID and NFC. It has already been implemented for several customers for the traceability of the production and packaging process.

Eventually, RFID and NFC-based technologies can be replaced with Bluetooth systems.

Punti chiave:

  • GN ATT is the perfect solution to make product identification processes within the warehouse as well as data collection and management more efficient
  • The main advantage is represented by the PDA capable of reading the labels beyond the field of view
  • It allows to have, in real time, a total visibility on stored products and to collect data and technical details on those without interrupting production processes, purchase or supply operations.
  • Direct extraction of inventory data and updating of company’s software in real time (ERP, database)
  • Complete integration with the ERP  JDE / Netsuite / Fusion Applications  and with GN Mobile One

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