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Doha Smart City: where to live better


GN Techonomy takes part in the Doha Smart City project in Qatar, starting from waste management: GN waste management.

The project concerns the planning of the logistics and the picking of the urban waste until their disposal and the management of the treatment of the differentiated and reusable waste as input for the realization of new assets. The aim is to optimise services for citizens, but especially, to ensure the cleanliness of the city and to improve air quality. Making the waste management process more efficient means reducing the costs for both citizens and public administration. The intelligent city, indeed, improves the quality of life of those who inhabit it and, at the same time, respects the environment.

For this project, GN Techonomy has implemented the “GN waste Management” application, which has been implemented to collect the data from the Qatari city trash, elaborate, analyze and show them to the end user. The project brings value to the citizen through the use of Internet of Things (IoT) technology in the cloud. Through the sensors placed in the bins, huge data streams are collected and analyzed in real time by Streaming Analytics. The system allows waste picking to be planned and managed in a short time, making this process increasingly efficient and convenient for the city of Doha.